Wednesday, September 25, 2013

...And So It Begins.

Welcome to GLAD RACKS!

My name is Crystal Joy, and I'm here to talk racks. 


Clothes racks, Lady racks, you get the idea. 
As a lady who is capital-B Blessed, it can be a little disheartening to peruse the fashion landscape and realize that most of what's going on can be best achieved by having bosoms in the B-cup and smaller range: backless dresses, crazy cut-outs that leave no room for a bra, and boxy styles that just make you look like a linebacker, just to name a few. 
For a long time my wardrobe was nothing but thrifted tees, cardigans, and saggy jeans that did my pancake ass no favors. I've always been interested in fashion and dressing up, but I lacked the confidence and the know-how to really do my body justice. Once I figured that out, I had to define what my style was. Of course style is ever-evolving (as it should be), but there's something to be said for staying true to what works for you. You can call it "variations on a theme." At least that's how I think of it. 

This is my very first blog; I'm excited to see how it will evolve along with my style. 
Some of the things I'd like to do with this space, besides posting outfits
1. One piece shown in multiple outfits, casual-to-fancy
2. Styling one piece from winter to summer
3. Switching out accessories on the same outfit to make different looks
4. Current pieces I'm lusting and any pertinent sales 
5. Beauty bits: I'm always changing up my haircut/color, plus nail colors/make up looks I'm into

But for now, it's going to be some outfits. Yeah.

POCKETS! You just can't deny the charm and practicality of a dress with pockets.

The bag has an axe print! I adore it.
Dress: Mossimo from Target. On clearance for $15!

Bag: Loquita. Sold out, it seems.

Shoes: Dollhouse by Riverberry oxfords in coral

Necklace: Modcloth, sold out for the time being (but I know for a fact you can find the same one on Ebay)

Watch: Asos (similar)