Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Let's all take a moment to snicker at the word "duty."


Let's continue.

"Model off-duty style" is such a thing now. It used to be called "casual" but models, man... they have to make things more difficult for us norms. Karlie Kloss said that for her, "model off-duty style" means "chic, but practical." 

With that in mind, I present a simple but practical weekend outfit, perfectly suited to walking around all day while feeling warm and blister-free. 

Of course you need some sunglasses. I got these on Ebay for $9! I've discovered that the less I pay for sunglasses, the less likely I am to lose them. If I spend more than $20 on a pair, they're gone within the week. Heaven help me if I ever score a designer pair; I'd probably lose them on the way out of the store.

The sweatshirt is from Etsy. I originally got it as part of my awesome Sriracha costume, but I knew I'd get way more use out of it as an everyday piece. 

These boots are amazing. I have wide feet, and it's nearly impossible to find cute wide-size shoes that cost less than $100, but Asos has my number. And that number is 7W. And they were only $40! They eventually went on sale, but the amount of times I wore them before that sale makes them well worth the money I paid. I just love the cut-outs on the side; it means I'll be able to wear these with my skirts and dresses come summer and my feet will still be breezy. Awesome.

I made the hat myself! It's a bamboo/angora blend, so it's pretty fuzzy and soft. I've been thinking about adding a bit about my knits on the blog, but we'll see.

Sweatshirt: Etsy, by Iheartanalogue, $25

Jeans: Polka dotted jeans by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (Here are some on clearance at Target for $15!)

Boots: New Look from Asos (I couldn't find the exact boots, but I found another pair of tan ankle boots in a wide size here)

Sunglasses: Ebay