Friday, December 6, 2013

About Button-up Shirts and the Gaps We Love to Hate

I love button-up blouses, but these 36F puppies are hard to contain. The best I can hope for is an oversize fit to negate gappage. This isn't always possible, however. 

This particular blouse is one I thrifted back in high school, and because of its adorable fern print, I will never ever get rid of it. It does have the issue of being a little small, however. I make up for it by wearing a minimizer bra and a shaping cami, but even then that little gap will show up if I move around too much. 

Now, I could wear my super-flattening Enell bra under this blouse, but I have a feeling it would look like I was wearing a super-flattening sports bra. I could wear it opened an extra button with a tank underneath, but dammit, that's just not the look I'm going for. I'm afraid this is just one of those blouses that's going to gap a little sometimes.  

Blouses and A-line/skater skirts are one of my main uniforms, and lucky me, I can get away with wearing them almost year-round. Adding boots give me a couple more months of wear, and adding tights--well, shit. I guess I can wear this uniform year-round. This skirt is especially warm since it's made of mostly wool and lined. AAAAAAND it has pockets! Every lady knows a well-placed pocket adds 70% more value to any skirt/dress/pant/short.

You make me feel like daaaaacin'!
Hat: Teal Wool Fedora, Forever 21 (sold out, but there's a $10 here, one for $23 here)

Blouse: Thrifted, but I found a polka-dotted blouse on Ebay, plus this XXL unworn printed blouse here, and a super cute vintage floral cotton blouse here!

Skirt: Black/brown/pink tweed a-line by Walter

Belt: Leather and brass, used in the Korean War and given to me by my grandfather (one of my most treasured possessions)

Boots: Leather, by Barefoot Originals (purchased on Ebay ages ago), but you know I found something else for ya! Try these, or these, or maybe these!