Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Party

Happy Holidays, everyone! Today I got to dress up for a neighborhood holiday party. Last year I won an electric drum set, so fingers crossed for that raffle this year!

This tux jacket is really special to me. A few years ago, as a Christmas gift, my boss sent me to a guy who makes suits and let me design whatever I wanted. I'd been really wanting a tuxedo jacket, but the ones that I really wanted (like this Stella McCartney version) were completely out of my price range. I showed the man a few different versions of the jacket in my head (definitely wanted it in black and navy, boxy-ish, double-breasted) and a few months later, I got this gorgeous baby in the mail in time for New Year's Eve! Total dream come true.

I wanted to keep my main-event jacket the star, so I kept the bottom half sleek (and tough) with faux-leather leggings and short black booties (also faux leather). 

I suppose I was feeling pretty tough today, so that how the outfit turned out. Like a chic biker lady trying to do a tux. It's the sparkly bow necklace as a bow tie that really does it for me. 

Wrist-wise, I went for double rose gold cuffs because my chic biker lady is also a Wonder Woman. Add my trusty Baublebar rose gold necklace for some lovely layering action, and I've officially made a theme. I never really even liked to wear gold until rose gold wooed me in. 

This tuxedo shirt falls into the "too big to have bra issues" category, so I just wore my smushiest minimizer to lessen the outward progression of the bust. A bonus of this kind of shirt is the button flap. Hard to see if any buttons are being pulled apart by your ample chest if there's a swath of fabric over the whole shebang! 
Anyway, because the shirt is large, I'm pretty much counting on the jacket to give me some shape. If you're wearing a blouse like this buttoned to the top and buttoned on the sleeve, you gotta keep the jacket on! Otherwise I'm just a big, red cube of a person; and most of us don't aspire to be cube-shaped. Say I've been dancing and working up a sweat and just gotta take the jacket off. In that case, I'd unbutton the first three buttons on the shirt, then unbutton and roll up the cuffs. Then I'd have the benefit of the open chest and my arms to break up the shape of the shirt. Easy-peasy. Of course, you can always just start out with the shirt that way. It just depends on the sort of look you're going for.

Jacket: By Ricky Kumar, by appointment only. You could forgo a couple months of rent for this Saint Laurent version. Alternately, in the real world, H&M makes a simple version for $35. If you're petite (like me), White House Black Market makes a nice version. 

Blouse: Thrifted. I'm telling you, thrift stores are the way to go for awesome blouses. Printed, tuxedo, lacy, thin cotton... they're all there waiting for your perusal. 

Pants: Hearts & Bows from Asos. I found a similar version here, a plus size version (with short lengths!) here, and a petite version in real leather here (mostly wishful thinking on my part).

Shoes: Mudd booties. Similar version on clearance for $30 here, chunky zipper version here.

Accessories: Baublebar necklace, Asos cuff set (found similar ones herehere, and here), Bow Tie necklace from F21 (found a cute one on Etsy by AlternateNormality here.


  1. A very cute outfit and you look great. Personally, I love the combination of red and black, it looks so elegant. Thanks for giving links of the stuff.

  2. You have a very nice outfit. But the way you have placed the necklace it seems like its part of the shirt collar. You are looking beautiful.