Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee!

I love my birthday if for no other reason than the perfect excuse to dress up. It doesn't even matter where I'm going or what I'm doing, my outfit game is going to be tight. 
This year I spent my birthday at home in Charleston with the boyfriend. We had a fabulous dinner downtown and walked around to look inside all the fancy store windows. 

For this momentous occasion, I chose this extra-fabulous long-sleeved black and gold shift dress. I've always shied away from dresses that don't have some kind of darting or seams to help define my waist from my boobs, but this dress is just form-fitting enough to avoid looking like a lumpy rectangle. 

To keep toasty, I wore some fleece-lined tights (so comfy and warm!), plus a shaping cami. Shaping undergarments totally count as a warmth layer!
I know you can't really see the shoes, but they're my go-to black heels, so I know you'll see them again. They're so comfortable.

 As far as accessories go, I like wearing my longer necklaces when I'm not wearing a belt, and I think this beaded tassel number is perfect. It makes the eye go up and down the body instead of sticking to just one part. I also have a bad nickle allergy, so it's also nice to not worry about breaking out. 

The headband is a little kooky, but I like to think you can get away with a little something extra on your birthday. It's a bow, but it kinda looks like bunny ears! Everyone should be able to have fun with their look whenever, but I feel like most people don't unless there's some kind of special permission. 
Phooey! Do what makes you happy!

Speaking of happy, let's discuss how happy my leather jacket makes me: I have a huge, throbbing crush on this thing. This is THE motorcycle jacket. Real leather, lined (so it's super warm), and it MAGICALLY FITS. I am a fairly petite lady, so to find a jacket that fits in the shoulders and doesn't swallow my hands is a miracle. To find a leather jacket that fits so well is practically impossible for less than a few hundred bucks. But BEHOLD! I found this sucker on Ebay, woke up at 7am to bid on it, and for a mere TWENTY DOLLARS it was mine. I still can't believe my good fortune. 

Jacket: Ebay (but if you're into faux leather, I found one here on sale for $45, and this cropped version here on sale for $29)

Dress: Nine West, found here

Shoes, Necklace, and Headband: Forever 21 (I know they have some shady ethics, but the accessories are awesome and cheap and I'm very weak in the face of those two things) These shoes are very similar in heel height and shape, though the toe is a bit more rounded and it's in patent faux leather

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