Friday, December 13, 2013

I Made A Sweater!

I've only been knitting for a couple of years, so making my first sweater was a little daunting. First, finding the pattern for the perfect sweater is hard enough. The other thing about choosing a sweater is the size. 
I have a strained relationship with sweaters anyway, and I mean that literally. If you want a fitted sweater, that means that the top portion is going to be seriously stretched and showing whatever you have on underneath. If you want something that fits the boob area, it means looking more roundish than lady-ish. 
I was thinking about what kind of sweater I thought my wardrobe lacked (basically all) and decided I needed something cropped to wear with my high-waist things. I think this also helps to show more hips and remind people that there's a body under all that yarn. 

The pattern showed the sweater all in one color, but I went for a raglan effect with a deep red and charcoal gray. It was also supposed to be a turtleneck, but I think turtlenecks + boobs = one mammoth hunk o' fluff.
I don't know what it is, but I just can't pull them off. I need some neck space to open up that area and give the girls some breathing room. I'm not yet skilled enough to make a v-neck, so I just made a crew neck. I still needed to have some kind of V shape going on in that area, so I used this leaf necklace to achieve the look.

I also made the front slightly shorter... but my boobs are accentuating the rise in front, too. I think a vent on the sides helps to keep it looking intentional.
I did some experimenting with the sleeves as far as construction. One is normal and one is... not. But it's kinda cool, too! I'm telling myself it looks cool, anyway. A one-of-a-kind sweater with asymmetric details. Can I call it couture?

The weird, stitched-on sleeve.

The nice, normal sleeve.

Can you see my nails? Galaxy print nail stickers! I'm obsessed with space.
Jeans: Mine are high-rise with studs, but these are the exact same thing minus the studs. Here is a petite pair for $32, and a regular pair here for $24 if you want something cheaper.

Belt: Brown leather with brass crab claw, thrifted. 

Boots: New Look from Asos (I couldn't find the exact boots, but I found another pair of tan ankle boots in a wide size here)

Sunglasses: Ebay

Necklace: Leafing Town Necklace from Modcloth

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