Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy new year! This time of year is crazy for everyone; if you're not going to a dozen parties, you're still trying to find the perfect gift for your dad (but knowing deep down he still just wants socks). Then as soon as Christmas is over, you're thinking about New Year's parties or trying to come up with something "different" to do this year. A major part of the anxiety surrounding NYE is WHAT WILL I WEAR. In my head, I imagine fancy parties with lots of sequins and bubbly, but it never turns out that way. The important thing is to keep expectations in check. Beyond that, dress however the hell you want! If you're just going to be partying at your friend's house or going to a dive bar, I still say you should wear that crazy cocktail dress anyway. If not now, when? 

This year was going to be a quiet one for me and the boyfriend. His parents own a sailboat, so we decided to hang out there in the harbor. There's a huge aircraft carrier very nearby that always has a major (read: majorly expensive) party, so we figured we could jam to their music while avoiding the crowd (and the cost). It was very low-key, but I wasn't just going to wear jeans and a sweater! SPARKLES, DAMMIT. I NEED TO SPARKLE! 

That doesn't mean I had to be uncomfortable, though. An easy, long-sleeved dress, tights for a pop of color, and low-heeled boots meant I could traverse the docks without falling while still being festive as hell. That cardigan makes anything festive, though.
On the boat, named Firefly!
I almost didn't buy this pretty rhinestone headband, but I'm so glad I did. It looks great with just about everything.

Dress: by Dex. I found a similar style by DKNYC here, and a cheaper version on boohoo for $26.

Cardigan: Thrifted (but here is something similar, and here is another similar thing).

Tights: by Spanx. I bought them from Ebay, though. There's a Spanx store that sells their products. Seems pretty legit (and cheaper).

Shoes: Mudd booties. Similar version on clearance for $30 here, chunky zipper version here.

Accessories: Baublebar necklace. Hanging Rhinestone headwrap from Maurices. Chain belt was thrifted.

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