Friday, February 14, 2014

About Built-In Bra Tops

So it's Valentine's Day! Everyone celebrates differently (or not at all). When I was in middle school and high school, my friends and I had something like Galentine's Day (any Parks And Rec fans?) wherein we exchanged gifts and cards and generally tried to make each other feel awesome. These days, all my friends live in different cities and I just have to make do with spending February 14th with my beau. Oh, well. 

We made the best of it, though, and planned to spend time at the harbor restaurant/bar and on his parents' sailboat. It wasn't quite as cold as it had been, but it's super windy by the ocean. Because of all these factors, I didn't want to do anything super fancy, but I still wanted to put in some effort and look nice. 

A red-and-black color scheme, natch, mostly because I wanted to incorporate this built-in bra cami from PanacheThis top is a total game-changer. I always really liked the idea of a top with a built-in bra (No visible bra straps! No bra!), but after my first foray in high school and the almost obscene amount of cleavage it gave me, I hadn't been back since. I just had to accept that those tops were made for girls that didn't necessarily need to support their bosoms like I did. I just had too much boob for that little shelf of fabric to contain. 

But no more! When I found this gem via Ideeli, I was in shock and awe that there was a built-in bra top made in BRA SIZES. Incredible! AND IT WAS IN MY SIZE! Egads! I bought one in navy and soon bought another navy and this one in red. I was lucky enough to find them for such a low price: $15! Ideeli is definitely worth scouting for lingerie and shapewear. 

There is an actual bra inside these tanks, underwire and back hooks and all. The only difference is that the straps are just little (adjustable) cami spaghetti straps. These are full cups, but I think they give you nice, non-obscene cleavage. Sexy, not overt.

My beau surprised me with this dope pave chain-link bracelet from Target. I'd been eyeing similar styles elsewhere... how did he know?! I decided to stack it with my favorite men's-style rose gold watch from Asos. I feel no shame in mixing metals, by the way. That's another old fashion rule, like white shoes after Labor Day, that's going the way of the Dodo. You should just wear what you like!

Since this is the first appearance by my beloved Michael Kors Hamilton, I have to share the story of how I snagged this beauty.
Four years ago, Michael Kors did a Facebook costume contest. I sent in this photo of me as Linda Richman and... I won! Michael Kors himself has seen THIS VERY FACE and loved it so much he gave me a sexy black patent quilted Hamilton. 

It's the first really, really nice thing I ever owned. I had no idea about all the little details and luxuries that go into this kind of purse as opposed to a cheapie from the department store. A little lock and key! Little metal feet on the bottom! All the pockets! Before this, my only experience with patent leather was the faux kind, so I had worried about it cracking or ripping, but this thing is in amazing shape, and the leather is so much softer than it was at first.

I told you it was windy!

These Jonathan Aston tights are kind of insane, right? I had to keep the rest of the outfit simple, so I chose this wrapped high-low hem skirt (belted, duh) and a blazer. 

I know the idea of the high-low skirt, dip hem, mullet skirt, whatever, can be polarizing, but I just love them. Nothing makes me feel fancier or more glamorous than walking around with a small train billowing behind me. What do you think?

Top: Strappy Camisole Top by Panache, can purchase at Bare Necessities, but keep an eye out on Ebay.

Blazer: British Khaki via TJ Maxx. Found similar styles here (97% off!), a Nine West version here, and a slightly longer style here.

Skirt: Asos. They don't sell the same one anymore, but they do have a printed one by River Island that's half off, a slightly shorter version if you don't want to jump in head-first, a metallic version that leaves liquid silver in your wake, and a pencil skirt version if you're not into all that flounce.

Shoes: Forever21. Similar styles by Nine West here, a patent version here, and a Fergalicious version here.

Bag: I found the MK tote that I have on Ebay! I also found some cheaper versions here, a patent version here, and this one for $25!

Accessories: Pave Stone Link Bracelet at Target. Tights by Jonathan Aston at Asos. Forever21 lucky necklace here, faux quartz necklace here and the other is thrifted. Watch at Asos. Here is a rose gold version, a silver version in a smaller size, a gold one with pretty pastel-colored bits, and this rose gold sports watch is $25!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Fashion Week, Y'all!

I just love the fashion weeks; poring over photos of catwalks, streets, backstage preparations and outtakes... It all seems slightly magical and fully fantastical. NYFW happens around Valentine's Day, and while I didn't mean to make such a sweet, pastel outfit, I am really liking it.

I love these Seychelles shoes. They're made of burlap and have a nice, substantial heel. The back of one of the stacked wooden heels is dirty, though. I need to figure out a way to clean that. 
Today I walked into Target wearing just this thin, plaid/floral blouse (it was 70 degrees and gorgeous today!), and I walked out with a perfectly coordinating sweatshirt! Check it!

This blouse is so interesting. It's got a plaid, a check, and a floral all in one design. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it won me over in the dressing room. The florals in both the blouse and the sweatshirt are pixelated, almost like a blurred cross stitch. 

Pink hair again! Yay! It's a pastel kind of day.
Can we just talk about white pants for a second? I have always stayed far, far away from them my entire life. Once, in a 7th grade dance recital, I had to wear a white sweatsuit. We called it "the marshmallow dance." It was very traumatizing. Add to that the whole klutz thing I have going on, and I've had every reason to avoid white pants. 
Eventually, though, I caved. I'm so glad I did! They give a totally different look than blue jeans would. I just avoid any type of pasta when I'm wearin' 'em. 

I love collar pins. Also, I am a very lucky girl.

Sweatshirt: Mossimo by Target

Blouse: I got it on clearance at Target last month, so I couldn't find it anywhere online, but I found some other interesting options here (a mix of plaids) and here (a floral and houndstooth mix)

Jeans: Mine are high-rise with studs, but these are the exact same thing minus the studs. Here is a petite pair for $32, and a regular pair here for $24 if you want something cheaper.

Shoes: Seychelles (sold out), but I found some similar ones for $60 here, and $28 here

Necklaces: Lucky necklace, Forever 21. I couldn't find these collar pins any where, but I found similar ones here

Friday, February 7, 2014

About stripes

I used to be really scared about wearing stripes. From a young age, I was told that horizontal stripes would only make me look wider, so I avoided them dutifully. Fast forward to today, and I now own no fewer than 12 horizontally striped items (plus two vertically striped shirts). To be honest, I don't think stripes make anyone look wider or fatter or whatever we were told. I just think they look cool on every body. Stripes became one of my things

My latest thing came to me via Piperlime. There was some crazy clearance sale and I ended up getting this amazing jeweled Pim + Larkin top jeweled Pim + Larkin top for $12 from the original $59. How could I pass that up? I just love the jewels; no necklace required!  Plus it's perfect for achieving that uptown/downtown look I love so much.

The other thing I got were these lace-up cut-out booties by Qupid. I've been really wanting to jump onto the lace-up bootie bandwagon for some time now. As a lady with wide feet and so many narrow shoes, this seems like the perfect solution: customize your width! Plus these have a thick heel so I can count on a much more comfortable night out. I was on the fence about the white sole/heel situation, but it's growing on me. I can always take some paint to them later and make them all black... or maybe add a pop of color? I don't think I could handle deciding on one color, though. 

I just love super-big men's watches. Michael Kors has the best, but I haven't been able to afford one yet. Instead I have this guy from Asos. They get some pretty decent watches for $15-$30 sometimes; I have at least three from Asos alone. 
This bag is funny. I found it at a thrift store. It really, really wants to be a quilted Chanel bag, but it never, ever will be, bless its little plastic heart. It doesn't even have a company name on it anywhere! It's still cute and lady-like and I really dig the chain strap. 
Oh yeah! I got bangs! That's always fun. 

These Levi's are the best. According to the tag, they're "boyfriend 513" jeans. I found them on Ebay after many, many months of searching for the perfect pair. I haven't even tried to look at other pairs of distressed, slouchy jeans because I'd feel I was cheating on my Levi's... and they don't deserve that, do they? Look at those bad boys! 

The jacket was a total spur-of-the-moment purchase from Target. I love the color olive and I love a good moto jacket: how could I refuse? It's all soft knit fabric, so it's way cozy, too.

I love stripes!
Jacket: Mossimo Petite Moto Jacket in Paris Green, plus size version here.

Top: Pim + Larkin at Piperlime.

Jeans: Levi's boyfriend 513 (but you should not be afraid to check Ebay for cast offs)

Shoes: Lace- up Cut-out Bootie by Qupid. Highly recommended. 

Watch: Asos. Here is a rose gold version, a silver version in a smaller size, a gold one with pretty pastel-colored bits, and this rose gold sports watch is seriously calling my name to the tune of $25.