Friday, February 7, 2014

About stripes

I used to be really scared about wearing stripes. From a young age, I was told that horizontal stripes would only make me look wider, so I avoided them dutifully. Fast forward to today, and I now own no fewer than 12 horizontally striped items (plus two vertically striped shirts). To be honest, I don't think stripes make anyone look wider or fatter or whatever we were told. I just think they look cool on every body. Stripes became one of my things

My latest thing came to me via Piperlime. There was some crazy clearance sale and I ended up getting this amazing jeweled Pim + Larkin top jeweled Pim + Larkin top for $12 from the original $59. How could I pass that up? I just love the jewels; no necklace required!  Plus it's perfect for achieving that uptown/downtown look I love so much.

The other thing I got were these lace-up cut-out booties by Qupid. I've been really wanting to jump onto the lace-up bootie bandwagon for some time now. As a lady with wide feet and so many narrow shoes, this seems like the perfect solution: customize your width! Plus these have a thick heel so I can count on a much more comfortable night out. I was on the fence about the white sole/heel situation, but it's growing on me. I can always take some paint to them later and make them all black... or maybe add a pop of color? I don't think I could handle deciding on one color, though. 

I just love super-big men's watches. Michael Kors has the best, but I haven't been able to afford one yet. Instead I have this guy from Asos. They get some pretty decent watches for $15-$30 sometimes; I have at least three from Asos alone. 
This bag is funny. I found it at a thrift store. It really, really wants to be a quilted Chanel bag, but it never, ever will be, bless its little plastic heart. It doesn't even have a company name on it anywhere! It's still cute and lady-like and I really dig the chain strap. 
Oh yeah! I got bangs! That's always fun. 

These Levi's are the best. According to the tag, they're "boyfriend 513" jeans. I found them on Ebay after many, many months of searching for the perfect pair. I haven't even tried to look at other pairs of distressed, slouchy jeans because I'd feel I was cheating on my Levi's... and they don't deserve that, do they? Look at those bad boys! 

The jacket was a total spur-of-the-moment purchase from Target. I love the color olive and I love a good moto jacket: how could I refuse? It's all soft knit fabric, so it's way cozy, too.

I love stripes!
Jacket: Mossimo Petite Moto Jacket in Paris Green, plus size version here.

Top: Pim + Larkin at Piperlime.

Jeans: Levi's boyfriend 513 (but you should not be afraid to check Ebay for cast offs)

Shoes: Lace- up Cut-out Bootie by Qupid. Highly recommended. 

Watch: Asos. Here is a rose gold version, a silver version in a smaller size, a gold one with pretty pastel-colored bits, and this rose gold sports watch is seriously calling my name to the tune of $25. 

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