Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Fashion Week, Y'all!

I just love the fashion weeks; poring over photos of catwalks, streets, backstage preparations and outtakes... It all seems slightly magical and fully fantastical. NYFW happens around Valentine's Day, and while I didn't mean to make such a sweet, pastel outfit, I am really liking it.

I love these Seychelles shoes. They're made of burlap and have a nice, substantial heel. The back of one of the stacked wooden heels is dirty, though. I need to figure out a way to clean that. 
Today I walked into Target wearing just this thin, plaid/floral blouse (it was 70 degrees and gorgeous today!), and I walked out with a perfectly coordinating sweatshirt! Check it!

This blouse is so interesting. It's got a plaid, a check, and a floral all in one design. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it won me over in the dressing room. The florals in both the blouse and the sweatshirt are pixelated, almost like a blurred cross stitch. 

Pink hair again! Yay! It's a pastel kind of day.
Can we just talk about white pants for a second? I have always stayed far, far away from them my entire life. Once, in a 7th grade dance recital, I had to wear a white sweatsuit. We called it "the marshmallow dance." It was very traumatizing. Add to that the whole klutz thing I have going on, and I've had every reason to avoid white pants. 
Eventually, though, I caved. I'm so glad I did! They give a totally different look than blue jeans would. I just avoid any type of pasta when I'm wearin' 'em. 

I love collar pins. Also, I am a very lucky girl.

Sweatshirt: Mossimo by Target

Blouse: I got it on clearance at Target last month, so I couldn't find it anywhere online, but I found some other interesting options here (a mix of plaids) and here (a floral and houndstooth mix)

Jeans: Mine are high-rise with studs, but these are the exact same thing minus the studs. Here is a petite pair for $32, and a regular pair here for $24 if you want something cheaper.

Shoes: Seychelles (sold out), but I found some similar ones for $60 here, and $28 here

Necklaces: Lucky necklace, Forever 21. I couldn't find these collar pins any where, but I found similar ones here

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