Friday, March 7, 2014

A Rainy Day Change Of Shoes

Happy Friday! It's been raining here the last few days and everything is so muddy. I really wanted to give my new silver sneakers a spin, though, so I compromised by documenting my outfit with the sneakers, but wearing the boots outside. Non-soggy weather can't come soon enough!

This blazer is another bespoke piece I received as a gift a few years ago. I showed the designer/tailor a picture of J. Crew's Schoolboy Blazer and chose a handsome herringbone pattern that I thought would camouflage any cat hairs. It's no joke that I choose a lot of fabrics for my wardrobe based on how well cat hair will show up on it. For the lining, I chose this deep cobalt. So rich! Oh, and that little tag in my jacket? It's just my name, no biggie. (!!!) 
This jacket rules. I am very lucky to have this piece at all, really.


This dress also has a special story behind it. The lovely gals behind The Frisky had a contest a few years ago to win one of ten of these fabulous dresses from French Connection, and I was one of the lucky ten chosen! 

I probably never would have chosen this dress for myself just based on the colors. I mean, the cut is really flattering, and I would never deny the practicality of such wide straps, but I don't have any other fluorescent colors in my wardrobe, and I tend to stay away from them in general. Somehow, though, that gold, pink, and green seem to balance this dress. It might be the classic silhouette, the modest neckline, or the teeny peplum, but the whole damn thing just works. And look at the shape this thing is giving me! No one can complain about a dress that does that.

For reference, this dress is a size 10.
I love a good print, and a really good print (like this one) will hide every extra lump and bump, and make the lovely lady lumps seem uniform. However, with a geometric print, or some stripes, you can tell how each curve is changing the shape of the print and not really helping anyone out. It's all about the organic, changing shapes that keep your eye moving all over the dress instead of settling in one place. 

teeny teeny!
See my teeny peplum? Maybe they're more like fins.
The shirt I'm wearing is another bespoke gift. I feel like I was given a short cut to the dilemma of finding a white button-up that fit me well all over. Now, this isn't the type of blouse I'd ever try to dress down with jeans. This is a capital-S Shirt that deserves a proper place classing up a sweater or under a blazer. 

With a print this busy, I kept the jewelry to only this simple collar. 

Here is a close-up of the shoes:

And here are the boots! This is actually the first time I get to wear these. Word to the wise: Henry Ferrera OTK rainboots are not friendly to muscular calves. Sadly, I had to cut these down the back to be able to put them on. That's what I get for not taking note of calf measurements. I just love the style of these boots so much, I didn't want to find a different pair. 

For months these were just languishing in my closet. I told myself that once I lost weight, the boots would fit and I wouldn't have to modify them. Well, eventually I got bored of that and just sliced 'em down the back a couple of inches. I mean, I got these on Ebay for less than $40. They're mine and I'm making these work.

Blazer: Bespoke. Pepperberry has some nice jackets that you order according to how curvy your boobs are! How cool is that?! This grey blazer looks very professional, but I really like cotton chambray blazer for more casual purposes.

Dress: French Connection. If you're a size 4, you can snag the exact dress on Ebay right now!

Accessories: Thrifted metal choker. Similar version on Topshop for $28 here. Dimpled gold version for less than $6 at Forever21.

Shoes: By Elegant Footwear. The exact version is on this sketchy-looking site, but I found a cool distressed version by Rocket Dog for $27, a shiny one by Qupid for $30, silver AND gold Supergas for $50, and even a fancy silver snake printed pair of high-top Chuck Taylors for $80.

Boots: Henry Ferrera Over the Knee black rainboot


  1. The cut of your dress is awesome indeed - also like the colors :) ! But those lil metal colored shoes.. they are SO cute :D <3

  2. i love your hair!

    love, polly