Sunday, March 2, 2014

Currently Obsessed With...

Whenever I realize something is missing from my wardrobe, I go on a wild hunt all over the internet. Sometimes I find it, sometimes it's out of my price range, sometimes the thing I seek just doesn't exist.

Today I've been thinking about brown leather strappy sandals with a thick, chunky heel. I've been searching for a shoe that would give me some height for my longer skirts and dresses while still being comfortable enough to wear all day. 

Here's what I've found so far:

I hear Dr. Scholl's shoes are pretty comfortable. These are the cheapest version of what I have in my head, but extra points for comfort possibility. $29.99 at Bon-Ton.

This one is real leather upper, which is good. $34.99 at 6pm.

These are faux leather, but I like that they're kinda tough. $41.10 at GoJane.

These leather beauties from ShoeMint have a nod to 70s clogs without going all the way there. $89.99 (but $40 off until 3/5!) at StyleMint.

These are also on ShoeMint, also leather, but with a lovely, minimalist design. $79.98 at ShoeMint.

THESE, though, are the creme de la creme! Leave it to Mr. Kors to make something so classy and luxurious without being pretentious. I love 'em, but I couldn't afford 'em. $395 at Michael Kors.

So what do you think? Are you into these?

3/5 UPDATE: I ended up going for the ShoeMint sale and got the Allison shoe. I figured it's the best value, real leather, and it'll go with more in my closet. Hooray, shoes!


  1. Love those, I have a thing for platforms especially :). Lucky me have my platform sandals from the 1990's still safe ;D!
    I love your style and your hair color :)

  2. Platforms definitely up the comfort factor! You're lucky you've held onto yours!
    Love your style and hair color, too, Lara! And your haircut is perfection!

  3. they're all so cute!!!! :) Thanks for following me, love!!

    love, polly

    1. Thank YOU! I've been reading your blog for ages but just recently got a bloglovin' account and figured out how to add people. I love your pink wig! haha!