Thursday, March 13, 2014

The First (And Possibly Only) #TBT

Truth be told, I don't have a whole lot of old pictures of outfits in the traditional sense. Shocking, I know, but they're mostly boring ol' snap shots that don't allow you to see much clothing. I didn't get into Capital-F Fashion until I was in my twenties, but before that I was interested in making the clothes that I had be as awesome as possible. My only knowledge and resource for clothes were the mall and thrift stores... and my aunts' closets. Later on there were Delia's catalogs to show me the ways of plaid pants. This is sometime after that.

For a long time my mom didn't want me to get plaid pants because she thought they would make me look bigger, but I didn't care. I loved them. I think these are pretty alright as far as cut goes. I had a basic black polyester blouse from Wal-Mart, some jelly barbed-wire bracelets, and my grandfather's necktie. I know you can't really see the shoes due to the crazy-high contrast, but I'm wearing huge clunker wingtips, also from Wally World. I think I'm also wearing my class ring? I'm pretty sure this is my senior year of high school, which would make this 2001 or 2002.

Again with the super contrast, which I think I can blame on my super pale face. Here you can also see my snazzy metal choker with a nut on it. I made it myself from spare parts I found around my job working at Claire's. Now you know where the jelly bracelets came from.

Also, I really don't remember wearing my hair like this more than one time--for senior class pictures. Yes, my hair is like this in my senior yearbook. I have no idea why. Maybe I wanted to look like an old 60s yearbook picture? I guess I figured it was better than my usual Veronica Mars haircut. I'm also wearing make up, which is another indicator of Something Special. I never wore make up unless my grandmother (Mary Kay lady) made me. 

Happy Thursday!


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    1. Haha! Thanks! I really loved those pants a LOT.

  2. It seems my eariler comment didn't come thru, did blogger think I'm a spam bot :0 ? Anyway, i just wanted to say that I lobe TBT and wish I had more pics of me when I was younger.. :D I love those pants, I still have similar ones but they're from the eighties or nineties :D

    1. Thanks, Lara! I always enjoy TBT from other people, too.