Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Metallic Flats for $30 or Less!

I love to help my friends, especially in matters of fashion. When my BFF came asking where she could get a cool pair of metallic menswear-inspired flats, I was thrilled to be able to help! Below are my top 7 picks!

First up are these copper oxfords on sale for $29.94. I love the way copper looks, and these read as a richer brown as opposed to a pale yellow like a gold pair would. There is also a pewter color offered!

Next is the only true loafer on my list. This pewter version is made of all man-made materials and is a mere $20.70 at Amazon.

This minimalist pointy-toe silver laceless oxford is my favorite on the list. It's slightly more money than the given budget at $32.80, but the high-shine finish and leg-lengthening powers of the pointy are well worth the extra $2.80, trust me. These would look amazing with a short, flippy sundress, (white) skinny jeans, tailored shorts... so many possibilities!

If you want a more subdued silver, here is a comfy-looking laceless pair for $29.99 at 6pm.

Since summer comes along sooner than you think in the south, you might want to try a perforated version (on clearance for $29.74 at Target!) to help aerate those tootsies. In cooler weather, wear them with brightly colored socks for added visual interest (and comfort!). These also come in gold.

Target also carries a similar pair with laces and a lighter, less shiny silver color. Still for a similar price at $29.99!

Another laced, laser-cut silver oxford, but this one is on sale for $20!

Lastly, I think you should consider a $40 shoe, because with that extra ten dollars, you can can a leather, handmade shoe, and that's pretty rad.

Pony Oxford Basic from Golden Ponies, $40.

They also make a super-cool holographic version in faux leather! You can even decide how holographic you want 'em!

Pony Oxford Holographic Mirror from Golden Ponies, $40.

Hope you find something you like!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Snaps and Snippits

My Easter post isn't quite ready yet, so I thought I'd share a couple of quick daily-casual outfits and silly gifs.

I found this van in a parking lot. It has my name on it, and I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I love to see my name on stuff.

I am a super-big nerd.


Shirt: StyleMint, sold out, but very similar style here.

Jeans: Asos. Got them on clearance, but here is their twin and here is a cheaper twin if you want to slash the knees yourself.

Jacket: Army. Last seen here.

Purse: Urban Outfitters, old. This one from Journey's is a close second, plus it's only $30.

Accessories: Sunglasses via Ebay. Necklace handmade by Susan Lawrence. Watch by Asos. Plastic version on sale here.


Almost monochromatic. Almost.

I found this little gold wreath on the side of the road during a walk. I think I'm going to turn it into a frame for something. 


Shirt: Madewell, old. If I had a lot of money I would by this version from Acne Studios. But as it is, you couldn't go wrong with this version from Topshop for less than $30.

Jeans: Urban Outfitters, old. Similar version here.

Shoes: Total no-name shoes that came in a wide size, so I snapped them up. Shamefully, I bought them at Wal-mart. But you can just get some Keds, too.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dyeing For A Change

I try not to wash my hair but a few times a week; dry shampoo is my Godsend. It keeps my bleached hair from drying out and whatever color I have from fading. Eventually, though, I have to put some more color in. I've done pink and coral for years, and even purple a few times, but it's been well over ten years since I've done anything in the blue spectrum. A pale, Robin's egg blue seemed right, though.

Seeing as my hair was still a little pink/orange/yellow, I got some purple clarifying shampoo to help lift some of it out (without having to do any actual toning or stripping of color). What I'm using here is Shimmer Lights Shampoo for blonde and silver hair. Kinda pretty, right? I was very generous with the product while washing, taking about 3 minutes to do so.

Next I used Beyond the Zone Shock Therapy Bold Blonde booster treatment. I've never used this before, but I wanted to give it a try.

The directions say to mix the power into a foam in your hands, but I think this might have worked better in a small bowl. It just kept clumping up. 

Eventually I got it into a more foamy state and applied it all over my hair. This stuff sits in your hair for 3-5 minutes.

When something needs to sit on my hair for a while, I use my bag hat! I don't want to get a bunch of gunk on my nice shower caps, so I just use plastic bags instead.

1.)  Line up the middle of the bag's opening with your forehead.

2.)  Arrange handles over your sideburns and behind your ears.

3.)  Twist excess bag tightly to your head, but not too tight!

4.)  You want to have room to coil the twist around itself and then tuck it under the bag. Finish situating the bag so all parts of your hair are covered, but your ears remain free. 

Wrap your head up in a towel and TADA! Your head is toasty and deep conditioning thanks to the plastic, but your ears can hear and breathe freely through the cotton towel.

While your hair is sitting, you can mix up your hair dye! 

To make a pastel color, I add two parts conditioner to one part dye. At least, that was my formula for making light pink. I like to use V05 conditioner because it's super cheap and easy to mix with the dye itself.

The thing about using such a dark color is that just a little bit of dye turns the white conditioner into a beautiful pastel shade. 

You have to push through that and keep using more dye, though. If you don't have enough dye particles in your mix, you won't get enough in your hair! Of course, you could just use a pastel hair mix like Ion Color Brilliance who now makes a line of pastel shades, but I think there's more value in mixing the shade yourself. Plus, when you mix your own you can have darker "low lights" or tiny streaks to make it look more like a hair color and less like a wig. 

Speaking of wigs, my hair looks very silly after shampooing and drying sans conditioner. 

Hair should be dry when you start dying! If your hair shaft is full of water, it can't hold any dye! 

I had to add in more blue once I started applying. I could tell the color wasn't nearly saturated enough to get the color I wanted.

Once I got to a color I liked, I just started brushing it onto the front, making a part, brushing on more dye, until every strand was saturated.

Getting the back can be difficult, but having some hand mirrors or a good buddy can be very helpful!

Eventually you just kind of have to start massaging it into your hair. By the way, you can get reusable salon gloves like these at Sally Beauty Supply.

Once you're sure you've covered it all, put your hair in a loose pile on top of your head.

After this, you're going to put another bag on your head and let it sit for as long as you can. If I can, I'll sleep in it! But a couple of hours will work if that's not an option, but use as much heat as you can. A warm towel, heating pad, and a hair dryer (with caution!) can all be used to speed up the process.

Come back soon to check out the results in a special Easter post!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nice Day for a Walk in a Midi

Last time I showed you some midi skirts you can buy from the internet right now. Today I wanted to show you how I wore this fantastic wood-print midi skirt I snagged on Ebay a couple months ago.

After a rain and a cold snap that lasted a few days, it finally warmed up enough to take advantage of the scenery just blocks from where I live with my boyfriend. There are marshes close enough to make them a part of my every day life, and I love that. It's a little bit of vacation without leaving home. A lot of the trees around here sport a curly coat of Spanish Moss. It makes the atmosphere all at once romantic and spooky.

How do you feel about pouch belts? They're not quite fanny packs, a little more interesting than a belt. I put my Fitbit in it! I found it on sale at Target during the winter and was intrigued. I wasn't looking for a belt, but it was simple enough to be an easy way to try the trend, and for only $5, why not? 

There's a quiet neighborhood where people have things like rope swings in their front yard. It's painfully adorable... and fun!

My hair has lost almost all its pink! Definitely going to put some more (maybe a different) color in this week!

In the middle of this neighborhood is a little path that leads down to the marsh. 


I got some rose gold goin' on in ma rangs today! One is a <3 heart and the other is a thick band. I don't normally wear many rings, but I'd like to start working on my collection a bit more.

Remember that white crew neck tee I bought from StyleMint? This is it! 

These heels are very stable and pretty comfortable. When I got these from Alloy many years ago, they were olive with a bit of a gold sheen. Now, in these pictures, I can see a leopard print! I've literally never noticed that before now. Love these shoes!

This clutch is another really great thrift store find. Real leather! It has a chain on the inside to wear it as a shoulder bag! Also, it's like a bigger version of my belt pouch. I suppose the idea of a belt pouch is to put cash, cards, key in it and be off, but what about your phone? There's no way that would fit.


Jacket: Topshop Petite. Similar style here.

Shirt: StyleMint Classic Crew.

Skirt: Vintage via Ebay. Alexander McQueen version on Ebay (size 10). Wood grain skirt via Etsy here and here.

Accessories: Belt bag, Target. Michael Kors Perforated Belt Bag and a simple black version via Forever21 for less than $13. 
Sunglasses, Ebay. Rings, Asos
Watch, Betseyville. Yellow gold version here, rose gold version here
Tree of life necklace, similar versions here and here.

Shoes: Rocket Dog platform peep toe shoes (size 7). Or maybe try a brown strappy heel with a nice, thick heel for $25?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Midi Skirts Under $50

This was the challenge my good friend Elizabeth gave to me over Easter. She wanted a full skirt that hit below her knees for less than fifty smackers. Since she isn't especially tall, I knew this would be a breeze. I even found some petite options in case the ones here are too long for her. I tried to keep to her mid-century/Bettie Page/Rock and Roll aesthetic in mind with these picks.

First of all, go to Dorothy Perkins! She has the hook up for midi skirts.

Dorothy Perkins Midi Pleated Skirt, On sale for $39 (originally $55).

Next we head over to Asos, who also carries many different kinds  of midi skirts:

Full Midi Skirt In Jaquard in Stone (nude color), $35.75. Silver (grey color), $49.86 (on sale from $71!).

If you want something a little more floaty, try Asos Full Midi Skirt, $41.39.

Maybe you'd like to try something with a bit of a punk edge? Wear this with a black tee or a white tank top with leather booties. Or you can channel its school-girl roots simply by switching the shoes to loafers and keeping the accessories feminine. Asos Midi Kilt Skirt, $33.87 (on sale from $84.66!).

If you'd rather do plaid without a pre-set look attached, try this Navy and Green Check Midi Skirt from Dorothy Perkins, $27 (on sale from $49!).

Finally, I have a midi skirt that has more of a body-conscious fit, but I love the print and even the top Asos paired with it. 

Hope that helps, Elizabeth! 

If you have clothing item you've been looking for, maybe I can help! Any other fashion inquiries? Let me have a crack at it!