Thursday, April 10, 2014

Long Time Coming and Going

Well hello there! My, my so many things have happened since we last spoke! That trip to my hometown I told you about? I ended up staying about a week longer than anticipated due to an unforeseen illness and my inability to drive a stick shift (it's on my list of goals for the year). Then some other stuff happened and I ran a huge 10k race called the Cooper River Bridge Run! That was fun. 

Have you been watching Cosmos? I've always been fascinated by space, so I'm really excited that a major series about the subject has come out on such a scale as this. And Neil deGrasse Tyson is such a rock star.

Last October I started making a pattern called Cassia from Berroco using my favorite acrylic yarn, Carons Simply Soft. Obviously I changed the pattern a little bit (mostly the hem and the collar) to suit my liking. The pattern was pretty easy, but the rows were long and the pattern worked up slowly. I finally added the collar on this sucker during that long sojourn home, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out! It drapes well, is comfortable and roomy, and I love the rich navy blue color. I've been wearing it mostly with skinny jeans, but today I decided to try wearing it with my favorite Modcloth skater skirt. 

I love these oxfords. Instead of a rose-gold, it's almost like a rose-silver. Is that a thing? I like it.

This beret is super-special to me because my best friend crocheted it for me. It pretty much perfectly matches my hair right now, huh? Life's little pleasures. 

Had to rock my crystal necklace with this. Duh. I love shit that shares my name.
Besides that, I'm wearing a blue watch, and I wore some sunglasses because my tiny eyes can't handle these rays.

I'm trying to eke out every last moment with this sweater until summer... which should be starting any day now. There is very little in the way of spring here.
Sweater: Hand-knit. But perhaps you don't have time to knit your own version? It's cool; I won't judge you. Here are some similar versions for you to try: BCBGMAXAZRIA at Blue fly, Forever21 version, and Weekend Max Mara at Nordstrom.

Skirt: Supernova Twirl Skirt at Modcloth. I can't say enough good things about this skirt. I love it.

Shoes: I literally cannot find these shoes on the internet tonight. They may as well not exist! I did find the most gorgeous replacements though; the shoes I would have if money was no object: THESE Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet Oxfords and these super-sexy rose gold cut-out oxfords. 
But in case you prefer your shoes to be a bit smaller than your rent payment, may I defer you to these adorable brown and silver take at DSW? In fact, all the color options are super cute. Or maybe you'd like your party in the back? You can't go wrong with these Qupid flats.


  1. I envy anyone who has the skill and patience to knit clothes! Luckily my mom knits stuff for me since I could never do that :D! The skirt is ..perfect! I love galaxy prints :)

    1. That's awesome that your mom knits you things. I'd love to see some on your blog!
      Galaxy-printed anything is a win in my book.

  2. Your watch is adorable! It's my favorite part about the outfit. <3 But like always, everything looks lovely.