Monday, April 21, 2014

Midi Skirts Under $50

This was the challenge my good friend Elizabeth gave to me over Easter. She wanted a full skirt that hit below her knees for less than fifty smackers. Since she isn't especially tall, I knew this would be a breeze. I even found some petite options in case the ones here are too long for her. I tried to keep to her mid-century/Bettie Page/Rock and Roll aesthetic in mind with these picks.

First of all, go to Dorothy Perkins! She has the hook up for midi skirts.

Dorothy Perkins Midi Pleated Skirt, On sale for $39 (originally $55).

Next we head over to Asos, who also carries many different kinds  of midi skirts:

Full Midi Skirt In Jaquard in Stone (nude color), $35.75. Silver (grey color), $49.86 (on sale from $71!).

If you want something a little more floaty, try Asos Full Midi Skirt, $41.39.

Maybe you'd like to try something with a bit of a punk edge? Wear this with a black tee or a white tank top with leather booties. Or you can channel its school-girl roots simply by switching the shoes to loafers and keeping the accessories feminine. Asos Midi Kilt Skirt, $33.87 (on sale from $84.66!).

If you'd rather do plaid without a pre-set look attached, try this Navy and Green Check Midi Skirt from Dorothy Perkins, $27 (on sale from $49!).

Finally, I have a midi skirt that has more of a body-conscious fit, but I love the print and even the top Asos paired with it. 

Hope that helps, Elizabeth! 

If you have clothing item you've been looking for, maybe I can help! Any other fashion inquiries? Let me have a crack at it!

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