Friday, May 23, 2014

Closet Hero: Knit Skater Skirt

Confession: I'm kind of a weird shopper. By that, I mean I tend to focus on the crazy, statement pieces instead of the basics. Thankfully, I noticed my shortcoming some years ago and started to work on building a solid collection of wardrobe staples, heretoforthwith known as Closet Heroes. With each Closet Hero I'd like to show you a few looks you can build around each versatile piece.

My first Closet Hero is a knit a-line skirt, or skater skirt. Knit skirts have been around for ages, but come in many shapes and iterations. Remember the hip-hugging pleated skirts that were basically as wide as a belt? Ugh. Not cute. My favorite (and I think most flattering) cut of skirt is the a-line or circle skirt that starts at the natural waist line and ends just above the knee.

My first look debuts the crop top I told you about in an earlier post. I've never worn a crop top ever! It's a little crazy to feel the wind on your belly for the first time. I noticed with this particular pattern that the stripes lined up in such a way as to possibly make my boobs look bigger rather than smaller (as I was hoping). Let that be a lesson! Never trust the way a pattern looks online will be the way yours looks at home.

Because the skirt hits at the smallest point of my waist, the crop top is only showing the tiniest sliver of skin. I figured that with this crazy pattern in the top, I'd just go full-on edgy with the shoes and sunglasses, too.

I found these sunnies in the dollar bin at a Michael's last year and they just make me smile. They're so ridiculous!   

I was digging the modern warrior look, but didn't want to wear a lot of metal that would break me out (boo allergies!), so I went with  this beaded necklace completely void of the stuff. Not only do I get the look of a different collar, but I stay cool and rash-free, too! Bonus.

Today me and the boyfriend went to the Shem Creek area in Mt. Pleasant to take pictures. It's a great place to hang out and spend a quiet moment or three. You can see fiddler crabs, birds of all kinds, and maybe even a dolphin if you're lucky. This boardwalk/pier goes from the marshes all the way out into the harbor where the shrimp boats come in and out.

I love spending time near the water, but with coastal scenery like this comes humidity, and the wet-set curls I had slept in all night were deflated in minutes.

No biggie: I always keep bobby pins in my bag just for times like these. I just curl my hair over onto itself and pin it against the nape of my neck, and now my hair is up and cute! 

Here you can also check out the sheer back on this top I snagged on clearance at Target the other week. It's kinda sexy, kinda conservative. 

This is the type of top where a couple of different bras would work: a strapless or seamless bandeau if you want to keep the sheer top clean, OR go for a shamelessly sexy black bra and let the lines become part of the shirt itself. You could also wear a black camisole (or shaping cami) over your bra.

I chose the little lacy number. Normally I wouldn't wear a lace bra under such a thin fabric, but it helps that this blouse is looser and just barely skims the fabric of my bra. 

This is my Tomboy-with-a-sexy-secret outfit, featuring the ShoeMint loafers I snagged at the same time as my Asos crop top. I had to break them in for a couple of days, but they feel pretty good now. The navy is much more subtle than it looked online, but they still look great. Add a little bit of shine with the choker and the belt and there you have outfit #2!

My last look featuring my lovely, easy-breezy skater skirt is more on the casual side. With the flannel shirt tied at the same level as the skirt's waist, you end up making a whole new skirt! It's doing the work of a peplem by keeping your waist defined and adding depth to your overall look, but if you get cold, BAM! Extra warmth delivered.

I just love this shirt. I got it from the Monster Jam show a few months ago. I love that stuff! Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

Found this little guy hiding in the sea grass!

From this angle, I could just be wearing a plaid skirt. I like that about it! 

Obviously these are just three out of many, many ways you can style a skirt like this. I picked this grey color because I wanted to wear it around the house and my house is lousy with cat hair. Grey (especially a heather grey) doesn't show animal hair nearly as bad as other colors. 


Now to shop for some skirts! 

Woven A-Line Skirt in black, $14.80


  1. I tend to shy away from crop tops - I have a couple of them in my closet but no idea if I dare to wear them out. Last time I wore a crop top was in the 1990s when I was a teen :P. You look great in the crop top tho and it accentuates your waist. Also, love the monster jam tee :D

    1. Thanks, Lara! This was a big step in proving to myself how far I've come as far as my confidence.

      I'm glad someone else likes the Monster Jam tee as much as I do!