Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014!

Happy belated Easter, if you celebrate that kind of thing! When I was growing up in the south, Easter Sunday was kind of a big deal. The family dinners were a big deal, Easter bunny and the candy and eggs were a big deal, the church sermon was a big deal, and the outfits were definitely a deal one would consider large. 

They were my favorite part, anyway. It was basically the only time of year I was allowed to buy and wear a fancy hat. Sometimes I even got to wear gloves! Extra fancy! 

I know these aren't the best pictures of my now-blue hair. It looks a lot paler here than it did in reality, but I went ahead and put even more blue in it the day after this. Live and learn! I think I'm going to treat myself to a salon visit to get my roots done properly this time. Then I'll try the Ion pre-mixed blue and see how that goes.

I've had this hat about a year now. One of my dear friends in Texas gave it to me when I went to visit, and I just fell in love with it. The flowers, the BRIGHT pink feathers... it's practically a work of art. I'm not entirely sure I'm wearing it correctly. I think maybe I should have a huge pouf of curls at my crown and this nestled into the front of them.

I really wanted to wear this big, white skirt for Easter, but couldn't figure out the right family-appropriate top to go with it. Then I remembered I could just use the top of a dress instead, and chose this vintage blue lace sheath to act as my mock-top. 

I'm also wearing a crinoline layer under the skirt to give it a little more poof. Otherwise the heavy cotton just kind of lies there. You can kind of see the dress and crinoline when I twirl. 

I had way too much fun twirling around in this. It makes me feel fancy and girly at the same time.

The Easter Festivities were pretty great. We went to the BF's sister's house and had lots of good food, watched the kids (3 of 'em!) hunt for eggs, and laughed and giggled at the new baby, who I swear is the happiest baby I have ever seen in my life. I'd show you a picture of how happy and adorable she is, but I know for a fact that picture would be snapped up by every baby-related website on the planet.

We totally have a blue/white/pink thing going here.
Check out the tiny leather jacket!
My BF's niece is so fantastic. It took her a while to talk to me and then to learn my name, but we're total buds now. While the big kids were playing badminton, we skated around the yard looking for any unfound eggs (and found one!) in the yard.

I always have a great time around the BF's family, and this Easter was no different. Thank you to them for making me feel so welcome and included.


Dress: Vintage via Ebay. I found a beautiful sequin version in a similar color here. Asos has a super-cool leather-trimmed version for curvier gals, and a super-sexy pin-up midi version here.

Skirt: I found it in a thrift store and I'm pretty sure it was handmade for a theater costume, as there's no waistband but it does have a pocket. Here is a version from Boohoo. If you have a 33" waist, check out this unworn vintage skirt! 

Petticoat: I highly recommend Sock Dreams for anything sock or tights related, but they also have some nice petticoats. I'm wearing this one, which happens to be on sale right now! 

Cardigan: Eliza J New York via Marshalls. Jessica Howard version at Macy's. Short sleeve version here, and a $17 Old Navy version here (in lots of colors, even!).

Shoes: By Bamboo. I can't find these anymore, but they're actually pretty comfortable. I wore these all day with no problems. I found a similarly low heeled pair here and a version in real leather here by my man Michael Kors.

Accessories: Necklace, belt, and hat are all vintage. Here's a poofier pink flower hat, a lilac fascinator with a veil on ModCloth, who also has a yellow fascinator that just looks cool. Purse from Urban Outfitters. 

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