Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 2: Family Roots

Today was mostly spent on my great uncle's land, reliving old memories of childhood days and weeks spent with them. It's been an emotional trip, but a good one, and there's so much more to come!

My great uncle is an engineer, a welder, and something of an inventor. He has huge machinery and parts that he's worked on and built parts of them himself. 

And here is one of the great pieces of machinery my uncle sometimes uses to dig out stumps or dig holes.

This is the lawnmower on which I learned to drive at age 8 or so. I can't believe it's still here!

One of the family trucks.

This is our old family house, built in 1790. My great grandmother and her family lived here for generations, but after my youngest great uncle died, the house and land was sold. I didn't go much closer than this because the new owners are litigious and I didn't want to get sued for being on the property uninvited. The house is poor repair, but the land is still lush and beautiful.

This little guy! I used to play with him often when I was little. There weren't many toys here, but this little rubber alligator would keep me entertained for hours. I'd pulled out many of his rubber teeth and his mouth and legs are severely cracked, but he's still here! Sometimes it's nice to have a family of pack rats.

Here is the boyfriend and my great uncle walking up the path to the old greenhouses. Their house is on a big hill with a little creek, wild turkeys, and even coyotes. You can get an idea of the forest and land around their house, but this picture does it little justice.  My great aunt was a gardener for decades and it shows in her flower beds strewn across the property.


Shirt: Monster Jam tee, Timberland Men's plaid shirt (similar here).

Jeans: Asos.

Shoes: New Look ankle boots from Asos. Similar version here on sale for $16! Much cooler COPPER version at Free People.

Accessories: Sunglasses from Target.

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