Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 5: Shopping Day and a 19th Century Yearbook

Hi there! Today was spent taking my little brother to the nearest Apple store an hour away to get his phone fixed. Since it was in a mall, we made a day of wandering around and shopping. I finally got to go to a H&M store for the first time, where I snagged this floaty kimono! It went so well with the dress I was already wearing that I ditched the chambray shirt and wore the kimono all day instead. I also picked up this snazzy boater hat at Forever21, too. Both pieces were items I'd been looking for for ages, and I can tell they will both get loads of use this summer.

Here I am in my great uncle's home. Except for some expansion on the house, not much about it has changed in the last twenty years since I was last here. 

So swishy! So floaty!

We ate at a place called (I shit you not) The Clam Box. The food was incredible! I shared this plate of fish, scallops, clam strips, clam bellies, and shrimp. The only one not waddling out of the restaurant was my brother, who I swear has a hollow leg to put all that food he eats. Teenagers!


Kimono: H&M. Similar styles at H&M, TopShop, and Urban Outfitters

Dress: Pink Rose via Ideeli. Other cute bird-print dresses at House of Fraser, Dorothy Perkins, and Modcloth.

Shoes: Dollhouse via Ideeli. Similar versions by Bass, Miz Mooz, and Wanted

Hat: Forever21. Here's a brown version at Nasty Gal, and a striped blue version at TopShop.


One of the things that I remembered from my childhood was this incredible book of my great aunt's. It was made in the 1860's and it seems it was kind of like a year book, but instead of pictures, family and friends would take a lock of their hair and turn it into an intricate design alongside embossed paper designs. They would write a note to the book's owner, wishing her good fortune and offering life advice.

The penmanship is just incredible and so delicate.

Some of them lacked the curly-q hair designs, but featured the ornate paper pieces instead.

Some included strands from an entire family, each one labeled with his or her name.

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Check back soon as we head to BAH-STAHN!

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