Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 6: Skirts and Stripes and Family

Hiya! The weather has just been gorgeous in New England; we've been really lucky in that respect. Today we made our way into Connecticut to have dinner with some old friends of the family: my mom's best friend since high school and her son. My mom and I used to live nearby them when I was little and I spent a lot of time at their house playing in the pool, watching Hulk Hogan wrestle, and learning how to play Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt on the NES.

For the occasion, I busted out the surprise faux leather midi skirt from Asos and a comfy but classy shirt. I picked up these faux leather sneakers from Forever21 while I was buying my boater hat yesterday, and they have already proved invaluable on this trip, since I made the mistake of not packing my tennis shoes (dummy!).

My great aunt and uncle have an amazing sun room that offers a great view of their gardens and the forest surrounding their house. Pretty sweet wood paneling, right?

This is one of their three cats, Blackie. She's pretty chill. I was glad to have kitties around, because I miss mine a lot.

I did kind of a roll along my new hairline and pinned it as I went so the whole shebang would stay over one shoulder. 

I'm really enjoying my ear cuff from BaubleBar, too. It ended up looking pretty cool with the stones on my shirt.

Once we got on the road, I saw my new red beret in the car and decided to pop that sucker on for a pop of extra color. I just love berets.


Here's the whole gang at the restaurant. Those two have always been like family to me and always will. It really did my heart good to see them. 

Bonus picture! My great uncle has been saving these things since 1992 or so; drawings, a spelling test, report cards, toys, even some Pogs!


Shirt: Pim + Larkin via Piperlime. A different version of the top here, jeweled Burberry version here, Gap version on sale here.

Skirt: Asos. Similar version in real leather (on sale!) here, plus size fuller version here, and a luxe version by J.W. Anderson here.

Shoes: Forever21. They're under $10 and also come in nude and pewter!

Hat: South of the Border. American Apparel makes one in just about every color. There's a fluffy version at BooHoo.

Glasses: Old. I highly recommend checking out Ebay for similar versions like these, which are less than $9! Or maybe you'd like to go vintage and pearlescent. Or maybe you have loads of cash you'd like to spend on a version from Tom Ford.

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