Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 7 & 8: Bahstahn!

The next leg of our trip led us to Boston. Oooooh, Boston. I have never encountered such horrible, dangerous, inconsiderate drivers as we did in Boston. I picked up a new word from the locals to describe them: Massholes. How perfect! 

So after a harrowing afternoon in rush hour traffic, we had to spend some time in the hotel room just chilling out. By the time our nerves had calmed enough to think about eating, it was 10pm and most restaurants were closing in an hour. 

Since we had to leave in a hurry, I just threw on all my black, tied up my hair and ran out of the hotel. By the time we found parking by the waterfront (on a Friday night, mind you) and walked to our first-choice restaurant, it was quarter to eleven and they weren't serving anymore. We walked back up the street to find the nearest place serving food and came to this Irish pub called Barney Fanning's. I'd been dying for a lobster, and tonight it was TIME.

I had no shame in wearing this bib. Ya gotta get into it!

Dayum, girl!

Apparently we came just at the start of lobster season, so it was a special on everyone's menu. Technically you can get lobsters year round, but in summer they come to shallower waters and are therefore easier to catch and cheaper! 

ALL THE BLACK THINGS! ...and a whiskey.


Dress: Dex via Ideeli. Petite version here, draped version here, and if you're feeling rich, try Armani's version.  

Jacket: Vintage via Ebay. Here's a studded version, a really incredible curvy sized one, and a badass version by BLK DNM.

Accessories: Belt from Asos, similar here + more sizes here. Shoes and hair pins from F21. Vintage collar.


The next day we decided to try something close to our hotel, and that just happened to be a Polish deli. Turns out that area of Boston has a huge Polish population. The deli was full of Polish candies, wine, breads, magazines, cakes... all kinds of things! It was extra fun because the boyfriend is of Polish decent. 

A selection of cakes, pastries, meats, and cheeses.

After lunch we went to The Shops at Prudential Center, which is a fancy mall that has a Neiman Marcus, Lorde & Taylor, Gucci, Sephora, and shoulders a Saks Fifth Avenue. While there, I got to gawk at all the brands I don't get to see and touch in everyday life, like this UH-MAZING Alice + Olivia leather jacket.

Those are all mother-fucking rhinestones on a laser-cut pattern made to look like snakeskin, y'all. I just can't even. And it was so buttery. Ungh! 

I admit, it made me feel good.


After leaving the mall, you end up in a little maze of adorable shops built into the old buildings. I just adore the architecture and fire escape ladders on them. They all seem unique and special, with stories to share.

Nestled within these shops is the FRYE FLAGSHIP STORE. I had to go! I meant to just try on some boots, note my size, and walk away to purchase my dream boots on sale elsewhere, BUT! The sales people were so friendly (they're the ones that told me about Massholes!) and helpful... that they helped me try on a really beautiful pair of soft leather laceless oxfords. 

I am happy to introduce the Rose Slip On pointy-toe oxfords to my shoe closet! They will be very happy there, for sure. I can already picture these with dresses, skirts, and jeans year-round. 

My haul!

Boyfriend ended up getting a pair of motorcycle boots, so we both walked out happy and lighter in the pocket. ...And hungry, too! The helpful Frye employees directed us to the Summer Shack, which has been built into an old theater. I got a Fried Oyster Belly Po'Boy, and it was enormous! What came next was not pretty. I pretty much just stuck my head in and ate my way out.

Through the rest of the neighborhood, we tasted and bought local olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar, walked through Zara, and then found our way to Boston Common. It was getting dark, so we didn't stay long, but we got to see a ton of baby ducks, then some more baby ducks and their mom getting chased by a huge swan. 


Top: Built-in bra top by Panache

Jeans: Asos Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny.

Sandals: New Look via Asos.

Kimono: H&M. Similar here

Bag: Michael Kors. Similar version by the man himself here, and a cheaper style by Kenneth Cole here.

If I'd had my way, I'd be rocking a smaller, bright yellow or orange crossbody bag, but I was trying to pack lightly (hahaha) and only packed one other (black) purse besides this one. But a big bag to hold lots of stuff for all-day city roaming seemed most appropriate anyway.

These flowers are crazy! I love them!

The gate at one of the entrances.

Huge statue of George Washington.

That's it! Check back soon as we make our way into Connecticut and Foxwoods Casino!

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