Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home Again

One of the things that needs to be done after a long trip is to re-stock the fridge and any pet-related item. Sometimes we shop at Target when we have a wide variety of things we need and don't want to run a bunch of errands. This can be dangerous, however, because Target can carry some really cute shoes and clothes, and a quick run to the store for necessities can turn into an expensive ordeal in no time.

On this particular Target run, I saw some clearance racks with tanks and tees, and since I feel like I never have enough tank tops, I tried on this puppy and fell for it right away. It's soft, slouchy; the perfect muscle tee for me. The arm holes aren't enormous and the neckline isn't too tight or loose. Oh! And it was on clearance, so I got it for less than $10!

The other thing I saw was these Sam & Libby sandals. I've been on the fence about the "ugly shoe" trend and the reemergence of Birkenstocks, but I was wearing heels while shopping and my feet were aching. The padded sole and arch support felt so incredible, I didn't want to take them off. They're wide enough, but also feature velcro adjustable straps to give more room at the top. Bonus!

At just under $30, though, I didn't need to (I did, though). There's also a silver pair, but I decided on the black and gold. I think they're a little cooler than a lot of Birks I've seen, plus they're less than half the cost. I'm not entirely sure how long this trend is going to last, but my feet are happy, and that's worth at least $30 for one summer.

I washed my hair 3 times (maybe 4?) during the entire trip. I took showers and everything, but I took a shower cap and lived on dry shampoo to keep the color punchy. That's been the best way to take care of the color as far as I can tell. I rinsed it in cold water sometimes, too, if I wanted to reset the style.

I'm still really loving this diagonal undercut. 


Shirt: Target. Similar versions here and here.

Pants: Urban Outfitters. Other white pairs here and here.

Shoes: Sam & Libby via Target.

Necklaces: Madewell and gift.

Purse: Gift from Italy. Similar styles here and here

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