Thursday, July 10, 2014

Snapshots Around The CrystalJoy

While dealing with a loss in my family, I figured I'd show you a couple snapshots from the past few months.

At the beach last April, before going blue. I really love wearing this dress as a dress, but it really shines as a beach cover-up.

Sorry this is so grainy. I'm definitely going to get getting better shots of my gold leather pants! My friends and I had just finished karaoke, and it's just a random phone pic, but I wanted to let you in on this gold-leather-pants thing and how amazing they are.

Another stand-out piece I recently aquired from Ebay is this vintage pink satin gown. It's super comfortable, so I've been wearing it around the house mostly, but this night I took it for a spin at the karaoke mic. I don't ALWAYS dress crazy for karaoke, but it is more fun when you do!

I'll be sure to get some better shots of this dress, too.

Until next time, fashionistas!

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