Tuesday, August 19, 2014

July Flashback

So I've had some pictures in limbo on a little-used camera for well over a month--I completely forgot about them! I spent Independance weekend at the marina with the boyfriend and his family. The views are spectacular! The battleship Yorktown is mere yards away, and the Ravenel Bridge makes for an impressive backdrop for the incredible fireworks show at night (see below!). There are always lots of people milling around and the other citizens of the marina have cookouts on the docks and bring loads of food for everyone to share, so there's always someone new to talk to or some new snack to try.

This dress is another I got from eShakti. I got lots of comments on how "patriotic" I looked, so festive attire accomplished! It was really comfortable cotton material besides, so I felt relatively cool and swamp-ass free all day.

I like the way the arrows slims down my chest. The original dress came with a scoop neck, but I thought it would better to have a v-neck to echo the chevron blocking. And BONUS! The dress has bra strap keeps so you don't show any strap AND it has pockets! That kind of thing gets me excited.

Gotta have some bitchin' shades! I got these for a dollar at Michael's a couple years ago.

On days this hot, a ponytail to keep the hair off your sweaty neck is a must.

Since there was going to be lots of walking around on the docks and to the nearby hotel (lots of holiday festivities and food going on!), I thought I'd wear some simple white sneakers and navy socks. 

The Yorktown has a really cool museum and walking tour. I haven't done it since I was in grade school, but I plan to go again soon!

The College of Charleston has a sailing class here. These are the boats they use!

Looking out into the harbor.

Cheers! I knitted this coozie, BTW. It's my favorite.

Just to give you an idea of some of the fireworks we saw. Bill Dubert took this picture.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Checks And Balances

Hi there! It's a typical hot, sticky summer here on the southern coast, and all I want to wear is the easiest, lightest clothing possible. That's why a simple tank dress, like this striped fit-and-flare version, is invaluable. 

I wanted to do a girlie school boy theme, so I got the oxford shoes, men's button-up, the watch, and the backpack... But the pearls let you know she's a lady.

I've been looking around at bucket bags and backpacks, and I was lucky enough to score this beauty at a thrift store for less than $10! 

I wrapped this men's shirt around my waist to keep my butt covered (it's super short!) and also to add another print and layer.

The great thing about the shape of this dress is that it allows you to wear a minimizing bra without giving up your heavy-duty secret. 

I'm really digging my Frye shoes, but they're still at the stage of needing to wear them with socks (or you'll get your skin promptly rubbed off). I figured I would take the opportunity to sport a different kind of stripe--zebra!

And now is the time on Glad Racks when we dance! </Sprockets>

Keep cool, chickadees!


Dress: ModCloth, old. Similar cheapie at Charlotte Russe, a nautical style at ModCloth, an a cut-out version at Neiman Marcus.

Shirt: Timberland. 

Shoes: Frye

Watch: Betseyville. Similar style at JCPenny.

Necklace: Dress Lily.

Sunglasses: Target. Similar styles at F21, from Madden Girl, and Wildfox.