Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Boots: The Short Motorcycle Boot

Now that we've officially buried summer and started putting away our swimsuits and sandals, it's best not to dwell on the things we're leaving behind and instead focus on all the great accessories and outerwear that comes with a new, cooler season! 

Because I live in the south, I only have a few short months to use heavy coats or jackets, but BOOTS will take you through at least half the year (or more if you're stubborn like me!). It just makes more sense to invest your wardrobe in a great pair of boots that will not only be versatile enough to wear throughout the year, but will last through many, many years of constant use without falling out of style.

Finding the perfect boot is a quest on which I've spent many a dry-eyed hour at the computer. Deciding what you want is almost as hard as finding it! The options out there are truly staggering. Chunky heel or stiletto? Bootie or shootie? Knee-length or over-the-knee? Leather or faux leather? What about fringe, buckles, metal plates, studs, or laces?

The Frye brand is as classic as it gets. The brand was started in 1863 by John A. Frye and a partner, and there are still boots from the 19th century and early 20th century that sill exist today in museums. They're pretty high quality boots and shoes, and the company offers resoling for life for a very modest fee.
When a girl friend let me try on her pair of 12R Harness boots, I felt like a total badass babe, and I wanted that power for myself. Soon after I bought a pair of my own (in tan).

When it was time to expand my boot collection, I wanted a pair of short motorcycle boots. Knowing the pair their boots can possess, the first place I looked was Frye. You may remember my trip to the Frye flagship store in Boston, where I bought the oxfords. I made sure I tried on all their motorcycle-style boots (they have a lot) and found the perfect size... and then bought my perfect pair for 60% off on Ebay. hahahaha I'm the worst! I think that's why I ended up buying those oxfords in the store: out of guilt.

But behold! Frye's Back Zip Short boot!

I think they are the epitome of easy-sexy-cool. I can't wait to wear them with my skinny jeans and motorcycle jacket all season. 

But in case you want to see some other kinds of short motorcycle boots, check out some of my favorite iterations from across the interwebs!
If you're looking for a bootie to get you through just about every sartorial situation this fall/winter without breaking the bank OR your ankle (and don't mind if it falls apart soon thereafter), try these!
Forever 21 Classic Faux Leather Booties, $27.80

If you're looking to go cheap and a little on the wildside, I wouldn't hate you for choosing these zipper-lined booties from F21. They'd look killer as a dark foil to your flippy floral skirts.
Forever 21 Metal Moment Booties, $39.80.

Who needs an arm party when you're wearing these? I bet these Dolce Vita booties make a nice, satisfying jingle-jangle when you walk.
Dolce Vita Yazmina Boots, $259
The quilting on this Stuart Weitzman pair gives a luxe air to your bad-assery.
Stuart Weitzman, $498. 
These are very similar to the Frye short harness boots, but for way less.
Silence + Noise, $99.
These Miu Miu boots have zippers, buckles, AND metal plating, yet it still looks refined and restrained. Impressive.
Miu Miu, $950.

Kate Spade puts her signature adorableness in her take on the motorcycle boot. The little bow! The tiny spade! The bitchin' black leather! 
Kate Spade New York Sabina boots, $398.
Super classic, super cool, but not your average buckle straps.
Rag & Bone, leather, $595


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