Friday, September 26, 2014

Last Vestiges Of Summer

These were taken sometime in July before going out to eat with my boyfriend and his father. The place we went wasn't fancy, but I like to look nice for the BF's parents.

This is another of my dresses that has a inner bra keep, a little snap button a string to keep your bra strap from showing. It's such a small thing (and an easy alteration to add yourself) that makes a big difference in your overall look. Many brands on the higher end of the quality spectrum, like this Calvin Klein dress, have this feature built in. 

Here is an example of a bra strap holder inside a dress. [courtesy of]


Dress: Calvin Klein via Ideel. Striped version here, Nine West striped version here, Maggy London version here.  

Kimono: H&M. Similar versions at BooHoo, Swell, and Topshop via Nordstrom.

Shoes: Lucky Penny via Anthropologie. Similar styles here, here, and here.

Necklaces: F21 (expensive version here) and BaubleBar. 

Belt: My grandfather's gun strap from the Korean War.

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  1. Hi! You look pretty in this outfit. I am sure it is not only wearing good dress that counts, the most important thing is, how you carry yourself. You do it well.