Friday, October 10, 2014

Finding Inspiration

The night before I went to the zoo with my friends, I stumbled upon this great photo from The Sartorialist

I love the juxtaposition of the patent leather and the beat up uniform shirt, and the brown sunglasses instead of the expected black. I wished I could have seen her shoes. I then realized that I had an approximation of all of those pieces in my closet, and quickly made an outfit for the next day.

I did a watch instead of a scarf, added a necklace and a brooch, and went with a knee-length cotton skirt for comfort (and to look better with flats) rather than my faux leather midi skirt. Given the choice, I'd probably omit the choker the next time, though.

Wearing this shirt with a regular bra is almost impossible, so I went for my Enell sports bra. It was comfortable enough for 8 hours, but by the 12th hour, I was hurting. It was worth it, though, to be able to streamline the look of the shirt so much.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the Lorikeet enclosure. You could give them little cups of nectar to drink! I had this little guy with a foot on my hand while he was lapping from my cup. He's so pretty!

We also saw some fishes. That's my buddy, J. Rhett Butler.
The Riverbanks Zoo also has a botanical garden. It's very pretty.
This is my friend, Melissa! She's a photographer.

How cool is this shot that Melissa took of the penguins? They were so much fun to watch diving into the water, swimming with each other, and then popping back up onto the rock.

There are lots of lovely statues all around the zoo. There are usually three or four kids climbing on them at any one time.

The botanical garden ends in a trail that goes to a small river surrounded by trees draped with Spanish Moss. 

Look how big these leaves are! Enormous!


Shirt: Army/Navy thrift store. Here is a plain version, a vintage Boy Scout shirt, and an oversized version here.

Skirt: eShakti.

Accessories: Brooch, Born Pretty. Choker, SheInside (nicer, rose gold version on sale at Lord & Taylor). 

Shoes: F21. Similar style at Wet Seal, silver version by Vans, and a slip-on, quilted version by Steve Madden.

Bag: Thrifted. Similar (cheapie) styles by F21 here and here, nicer Topshop version here, and really nice Stella McCartney Version here.  

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  1. Glad to see that you had a great time there at zoo. You did a perfect dressing according to the zoo.All the pics are also nice.