Friday, October 3, 2014

Little Biker Girl In A Southern Town

So the other day I showed you my list of favorite motorcycle boots, inspired by my new Fryes. Today I show you the outfit I've been wanting to wear for years now (basically since I got my leather jacket). I'm hoping there will be some Madewell denim in my future to really complete the look in my head, but these black Seven7 jeans are doing their job nicely in the meantime. 

This is basically as cool as I'm ever going to get.

They make such a satisfying jangle when they walk. It's going to take some time to really break them in, but for now I'll wear 'em with thick socks as much as possible to speed up the process.

This hat was hand-knit for me by a dear friend. Unless it's cashmere or a teeny-tiny gauge knit, I feel guilty wearing store-bought knits. Almost all of my knit accessories are hand-made by me or someone I love.
The hair starting to look a little teal these days, no?

With a shirt this low-cut, it's best to steer clear of your full-coverage bras, and opt for a t-shirt bra, plunge cut, or demi cut bra. No, you won't be as supported, but you won't run the risk of flashing bits of your bra to everyone, forcing you to fiddle with your shirt all night instead of having a good time. Trust me on that.

Remember the show What Not To Wear? One of the things I learned from Clinton and Stacy were to always make sure you can close your jacket. That seems like such a basic thing, but busty ladies are often faced with having jackets that fit everywhere but the boob area, and simply resigning themselves to never closing their blazer or jacket.

I got pretty lucky with my leather jacket; it just zips over my boobs. But I honestly would have just worn it open and never closed it if it didn't fit... but then I'd still be searching for my perfect leather motorcycle jacket. Fit above all else!

There's my butt! We must be at the end! Later!

[Happy Birthday to my BFF Kathryn!]


Jacket: Vintage via Ebay. Super-cool version with tonal hardware at Madewell, fantasy leather versions at Choies and Torrid

Shirt: Abbott Kinney StyleMint tee. The Classic V is very similar.

Jeans: Seven7 jeans. Similar styles here, here, and here.

Boots: Frye Veronica Short Zip boot. 


  1. Oh heeeeyyy! Thanks for the birthday shout-out! Love you :)

  2. Love your dressing sense! This is a wonderful choice of outfit for going out with your parents. Going to try something similar to this the next time I go out with my parents.