Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So Kelly Osbourne Has Her Own Line Now...

Remember when Kelly O. was just Ozzy's little girl? She was the cherubic-faced teen, active on her family's reality show, and even tried singing for a minute. Now that she's all grown up, with a successful run on Dancing With The Stars under her belt and co-hosting Fashion Police since 2010, she's ready to try her hand at designing.

I've been impressed with Kelly's style for years now, and she's just getting better. Everyone else had blonde hair! She went lavender. Everyone else got pastel-colored hair! She shaved the side of her head. Everyone else started shaving the side of their head (or braiding to fake it)! Kelly went full-on mohawk, and still looks like a lady.

Her line, Stories... By Kelly Osbourne, reflects the edgy, capital-L Lady within while also making a point to add thoughtful details, like snaps between the buttonholes of her button-up blouses, and a pencil skirt with a large removable bow. Not only thoughtful with her designs, she also made sure to cut three patterns for each garment, allowing for sizes 0-24. The extra pattern cutting means the plus sizes will fit like they should on a body, and not just a blown-up version of the straight sizes.

This is the blouse with snaps at the bust! Genius. Why don't ALL blouses have this feature?!

Bow Pencil Skirt, $79.90

This skirt has built-in paneling for extra tummy control. Plus, when I'm having a fluffy tummy day, I can just be like, "What pooch? This is a bow!" I like clever camouflage. I want to wear this with a fuzzy pastel sweater and some t-strap flats.

Floral and Plaid Ponte Dress, $79.90 (Sold out! boo!)

I LOOOOVE this dress. I bet it would do amazing things for your curves. 

Graphic Print Tee, $49.90

The cheeky bustier print on this ultra-luxe tee is screaming my name. Kelly says she used the same shirt fabric as another designer who is selling their version for $1000. I do love the feeling of a fancy t-shirt...

It has a removable collar! This could be worn with just about every bottom in your closet, and a great layered look when it's just not cold enough for actual layering.

Those are my favorites! You can check out the rest left for sale at HSN's site.

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