Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Time Is Nigh For Wicked Things

Just two more weeks until Halloween! It's one of my favorite holidays, in no small part because I love to dress up. There are usually lots of fun, scary things to do, like haunted houses at the old plantations, live performances of Rocky Horror and Young Frankenstein, and zombie walks/pub crawls. 

This year was my first time dressing up as a zombie, but I wanted to do something different from your average brain-snacker. My hometown has a lake that is host to lots of pontoons with drunk rednecks, speed boats carrying skiers or intertubes (and drunk rednecks), and general grossness. I thought it would be fun to be a drowned mid-90s zombie from that lake.  

I'm sad that you can't see the water plants I have pinned in my hair, but I have real plants in there, trust... not to mention the 12 ounces of hair gel to keep that "wet look" going all night.

I spray painted my roots and my skin with colored hair spray, and dabbed white paint on me to look like mold. 

My buddy, Christopher, did a tennis zombie.

Fierce zombie fashion shoot!

And here's a behind the scenes application shot!

I have another costume in mind for Halloween proper, and I am pretty excited about it. Stay tuned!


  1. DUDE. You look disgusting! Well played!

  2. I love boho style clothes but I also like the way you chose to tie the strings. Thanks for sharing the outfit details and Happy Independence Day.