Wednesday, October 8, 2014

To Heel Or Not To Heel?

When I'm trying to decide on what to wear for a night out, usually the last and most difficult decision comes down to shoe choice. Do I choose the comfortable flats or the sexy, leg-lengthening heels?

After many, many seasons of designers and fashion magazines pushing platform stilettos and single-sole stilettos (the worst!), the powers that be have finally succumbed to their aching feet and started pushing flat shoes, boots, and sandals. Praise be. I don't know how those fashionistas walk around in NYC in 4.5 inch stilettos all day and still stomp out a fierce runway walk without their toes falling off. Practice, I guess?

Even the heels nowadays are tamer, featuring thicker, shorter heels and more strap support. I have a few pairs that fall into that category and I can honestly say that I can wear them for 8 hours straight and still be able to walk, dance, and otherwise enjoy my night without thinking about my feet. 

That being said, the heels in question are my most severe, tallest, pointiest, and sexiest heels I own. They just beg to be worn with my navy and black tuxedo, to sex it up a bit.

This jacket is one I've had for years and can be seen in this post from last year. It had it made for me by a tailor who received some pictures of a Stella McCartney design to base it on. I didn't get any pants at the time, but I really wish I had. I've been searching for the perfect pair of navy tuxedo pants ever since. 

I found these pants at Target while I was shopping the Altuzarra collection and I am just THRILLED. They're perfect. 

The heels certainly lend some sex to an otherwise "menswear" look and streamline the legs.

I am so very blue. 


Now on to the flats. One of the main reasons I bought these StyleMint flats is because they're navy and black and I thought they would compliment my jacket. The navy isn't quite as blue as I hoped, but they still look pretty great regardless. 

Obviously these are way more comfortable than a 4" stiletto, but I also think they just look cooler. When you're comfortable, you're relaxed. When you're relaxed, you're confident--and the confidence is the key that's going to pull together just about any look you throw on.

The MK bag and my rings.

Matching lipstick not required.

Yeah, these feel much better. It's not that I can't walk in a pair of heels, but if you're doing a lot of walking, you (and whomever else you're with) are going to resent walking slowly and daintily down whatever uneven sidewalk you're on. 

Moral of the story: wear flats if you're going to be walking a lot; they're cooler anyway. If you REALLY wanna bust out those heels, save yourself from walking in your bare feet and stash some foldable flats in your bag.

Sidekicks come in LOTS of colors!
Or try Back Up Soles...
Or maybe you want something nicer... try Yosi Samra!


Jacket: Bespoke. Cheap version from Target, nice version from Rag & Bone, GORGEOUS (expensive) version from Alexander McQueen.

Pants: Target. I couldn't find the exact version, but here is a navy pair for curvy ladies, and a version of navy/black tux pants by Kate Spade.

Top: StyleMint

Shoes: heels by Qupid. Flats by ShoeMint. Similar styles by Tod's and Dolce Vita

Bag: Michael Kors. Similar style by the man himself here, similar (cheaper) styles from Asos here and here.

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  1. Almost an exact match you got there huh?! Lucky you! I love the brooch you added it gives a hint of casual, less of uniform and the shoes goes perfectly together.